The material that I use here is all completely real (to the best of my knowledge) and it is all deeply unpleasant. I’ve colorized and modified these photos in ways that turn them into something morbidly eye-catching, but they are still legitimate images of brutal violence and deadly misfortune. So be aware that if you choose to look through this blog you will see every possible type of death imaginable. Savage, sadistic, bizarre, accidental, self-inflicted, men, women, and children. All of it will be on here. I don’t shy away from any topic.

I suppose this is my way of making all these horrors easier for people to digest instead of just outright ignoring them. The world is not a good place, and I think it’s important for everyone to know just how bad things truly are. It’s not healthy to pretend that everything is running smoothly when it absolutely is not. I feel that negativity needs to be seen. It needs to be aired out. This artistic approach to gore-posting is hopefully going to both help me purge some of my own negativity and give others something creative to get them to confront some harsh truths as well.